Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Americanidiot continued

The WsFcic website has a a couple big disclaimers that say: Important: The Public Records and commercially available data sources used on reports have errors. Data is sometimes entered poorly, processed incorrectly and generally not free from defect. this system shoudl not be relied upon as definitively accurate. Another disclaimer quotes under all these "fake names" i supposedly have: Does NOT usually indicate any type of fraud or deception. However, the FBI agents on my case took a sworn oath, and completely fabricated stories of me owning a fake ID kit and using various fake names, and how i could send a signal to a cell phone to erase forensic evidence (under my youtube video ETA MEMBER ARRESTED where i actually state the opposite).
So how did all this software cause so much disaster? WHAT DISASTER? Read between the lines. "He could have gained access to patient records, he could have shut down the HVAC, he could have ruined the refrigerated medicine, he could have crashed the network." etc etc. The hype is not based on any factual evidence, only a vast hypothesis of possibilities. So how did this software get on these computers? Lets look at Discovery Evidence #1B1-00000216, An aol instant message chat log between me and an Anonymous member, AAUGUSTA3 on Feb 14, 2009 @16:46:58 Saturday (00:41) AAUGUSTA3 posts is ppp-70-251-75-79.dslrcsntx.swbell.net    Which is an IP/DNS of one of the Carrel Clinic's computers. imagine an attacker performing a cross site script tunnel (xss) to the HVAC system's web browser which gives him accesss to the HVAC's file systems where he could upload, download, modify files on that system. With Cain and Abel now installed and remote access established by capturing the logins to my gmail and then LMI, he could easily sniff the network and find my laptop, the only computer on the entire network in the middle of the night generating traffic. passing on the new configurations on the hvac to the rest of the network becomes effortless because the HVAC is a redundancy system. The 27 unknown individuals via LMI, can now leave digital fingerprints using my signature, durring my night shift, after my shift, day and night, even logging in some 5-10 minutes after my shift while I am driving home from Dallas to Arlington. For more about official evidence of me being framed, check out the chat logs blog. Also view "the unknown 27" to learn more. Let me explain about the potential damages an Rxbox/w32/sdbot.worm could have done to the Carrel Clinic's networks. This "robot network" file was designed to temporarily steal a small ammount of bandwidth from each infected network it is infected upon for means to perform a Distributed Denial of Service attack (ddos) against a remote target host. It is NOT ideal to infect multiple computers on a single network which would only slow/crash that network and bring unwatned attention to that crash, the bot discovered and removed. It is ideal to collect various networks, not various computers on one given network. When the bandwidth is stolen, it only siphons off multiple kilobytes (kb) from each infected host, under one megabyte (mb), which is why a bot master needs at least 50 to 100 infected hosts to pull off a low-level ddos attack on a remote target host.
In reality, when you download mp3's, videos and programs using a peer 2 peer client like limewire, you are causing more damage to your networks bandwidth, than a botnet leeching a few hundred kb. Example: I am on xbox live, you are downloading mp3's on limewire on the same network. Your downloading has dramatically slowed down the netowkr speed, and now i cam no longer stay connected to xbox live because my network ping is so effin high. Get it? Got it? Good

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